Mapping D.C.’s Food System

Posted on Jul 10, 2016

Here are two sketches of D.C. The first is a map compiling the Johns Hopkins Center for a Liveable Future’s Maryland Food Systems Map (MD farmers markets and grocery stores), Community FoodWorks VA-Farmers Market Finder, and a public Google Map of D.C.’s grocery store locations. I chose to include this information in one map because it is important to see the disparities  not only among D.C., but neighboring areas of Maryland as well. It is important to think about how these may be causally related.


image2 (3)image1 (1)

In the second sketch, I intentionally left the map of D.C. somewhat blank. Ideally,  a map of the D.C. area- like the first one- would reflect an equitable food system. On the right is a sketched diagram of a food system that I think would be more sustainable than the current. One focus of mine is on waste-recycling.  Another element I included is an intermediary that would ensure equal distribution of food to all communities.